The First Truly Autonomous Home Security System For Everyone

An advanced security and communication system changing how
you protect—and connect to—your home.

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Angee is a smart home security system changing the way people protect—and connect to—their homes. Working closely with the talented Angee team, we collaborated on the hardware design, built the mobile and web applications, and integrated the device with wareables to deliver an unbeatable user experience.


People rely on Angee to protect their homes and need to be able to access Angee anytime. If there's a problem, they need to be able to respond immediately. As such, the mobile, web, and wearable applications had to be intuitive and reliable, as well beautiful and fun to use.

Design and

We started with the UX as our top priority was creating apps which would help people protect their homes. We didn't want our users stuck wondering which button they needed to push when swift action was required. The resulting UX is seamless and easy, even for first-time users. Visually, we focused on simplicity and elegance, utilizing soft colors, fluid transitions, and polished animations.

Angee app

Final product

Angee has evolved into something more than a security system. It's become a voice-controlled master device, giving your home eyes, ears, and a brain. People rely on Angee to protect their home, connect to their smart devices, and help manage their lives.

Angee has been incredibly well-received, both critically and commercially. Angee has been endorsed by security experts and featured by Kickstarter. Consumers have embraced Angee, with early adopters raising over $500,000 for Angee in under two months.


The first truly autonomous
home security system for everyone

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