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Building startups really makes sense!

It’s already almost a year since we published our article “Startups we are looking for you” here on our blog. During this year we moved forward a lot and thinking back I think that focusing on startups was a right decision and we want to continue on it.

Current times are one of the best times in history in terms of how fast you can build something interesting. There are already stories such as Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, Instagram and many others where in a few years the founders became millionaires and managed to “change the world”. Right now is the time where it makes sense to try because any of you can be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Evan Spiegel and we gladly can help you on that road. Our company functions as a technological partner for a line of partners where founders can focus completely in the project, business and marketing and we take care of the complete development.

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For which startups we work?

  • Snippit: lifestyle application for sharing and discovery of music where we take care completely of the development for the mobile app, web and back-end. During a year with Snippit we’ve become partners and part of the team. More about Snippit here.

  • Flyr: for a startup which helps searching for flights we prepared a prototype.

  • For NY Techstarts startup Placemeter we created iOS and Android applications.

  • For the french startup Heetch we developed the Android version of their application.

  • For one of the most successful Czech startup Socialbakers we made and analytics and events applications and continue to prepare new mobile app which will be very interesting and will be launched soon.

  • Sangha: a new and very interesting startup from California trying to disrupt on the field of education currently working with us on their web and mobile applications.

  • PlayWith: We are also working on the new mobile app for the startup

And many other interesting projects among which are one new lifestyle app or a mobile app for one new smart hardware startup which has the ambition to become the next Nest in security. We’ll slowly publish the news, just stay tuned!

Besides that work with startups we have our own applications from which we learn and get experience. They are our apps Spendee and Taasky which we continuously move on with.

Why you should work with us?


We really try to constantly look for the best programmers. Everyone in our team are A-players who have experience of years on mobile applications. They follow trends, enjoy the work and want to do big and interesting things. We pride ourselves on a strong corporate culture and constantly want to improve and grow.​


Despite the fact that we have our headquarters in Prague is not a problem for us to do regular Skype Calls in your time, we report the code to GIT (non-encrypted and with comments) so that you can check our work constantly. We are happy to welcome you in our office in Prague anytime and if there’s something important we can come to US. Several times a year, someone from our team is in the there in US, and we plan to open an office there as well. In the future, we can bring even full time people directly into your project if it gets going. We are almost always online on skype/mail, etc. so there is no problem whatever and whenever to talk and move.


As we previously wrote. Thank to our experience with applications for big companies and brands, startups and own applications we have big know-how and knowledge around building mobile apps from wire-frames until functional and successful app.


prices compared with US where in Czech Republic is way lower; it pays off economically where instead of one developer in Silicon Valley for 12 months for the same money you can have a team of 2-3 people here for the whole year.

Which type of startups we like and are interesting for us?

In general we like mainly global projects, lifestyle apps, stuff linked with smart HW, and things that disrupt any captive business model (crowdfunding, sharing of things, etc) and projects which make use of new technology such as smart TVs, smart houses, smart carts, and others.

Do you want to work with us?

We constantly look for new people and projects which need a reliable technical partner and if you have interest on working let us know by email and we’ll set a skype call.

We’re looking forward for our cooperation!

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