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CLEEVIO introduction

We decided to start blogging because we want to communicate what we do, what are we working on and what’s new in Cleevio. For the first article we decided to write down some basic information about us.

What we do?

We create mobile apps. We focus mainly on iOS and Android but we also create applications for Windows Phone. We develop apps for different clients, startups as well as our own applications.

Our business consists of three main parts:

  • Custom apps for clients: we work for media agencies, creative agencies, direct clients, and companies such as Nestle, Oreo, and Coca-cola among others. We mainly develop event and lifestyle apps for the clients and deliver complete solutions; from concept, design, development as well as help with marketing. In future articles we will certainly present you some of our references and case studies which you can also find in our website
  • Startup apps: we develop apps for startups in different models, from classic model as payment for our work to models such as revenue share, company share options, etc. We continually search for interesting startups looking for developers.
  • Own apps: the last part which at the moment we are working a lot is our own apps. Because we really believe in mobile phone business and we really enjoy it we develop our own apps now. The first app is Spendee which right now has around 150 000 users and very soon we will release an update along with an android version. Next app in our list is Taasky which is a beautiful, simple and easy to use task manager. We don’t stop here, we are preparing new ideas and apps soon.

When we were founded?

Cleevio was founded in 2008 but the first official year when we started to put our hands on the work was in 2009. In the beginning we were developing web pages, and then focused on Symbian applications and java games and then start to develop mobile apps for current platforms.

Where are we located?

We have our office in Prague, Czech Republic which is a country in central Europe. Here’s a small photo of how it looks here:


What’s our vision?

Our vision is to create quality mobile apps which will help people have a better life.

What’s the difference between us and competitors?

We don’t focus on quantity but on quality, every project we do we focus on the product. We offer pixel perfect apps, we write clear native code which we comment and look for long-term partnerships. Thanks to the fact that we also make our own apps we have marketing outreach because we know how to expand the apps and therefore we can help with marketing.

About what we will write?

We will write mainly news in mobile apps, about apps we are working on, information and trends from the mobile world and maybe also some rumors.

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