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Crewmix – new Tinder for groups

Recently many in the mobile world were talking about the new model by Tinder, which is a very interesting step and that we really like; we think is quite interesting to set the price according to basic info such as age, genre, location, etc.

Tinder and in general dating mobile apps are currently in vogue, so a few months ago a bunch of guys from Silicon Valley contacted us with their own idea, given that they have a full time job at Apple and they wanted to come up with their own app. One of their ideas is called Crewmix. For a few months after they contacted us, together we decided that CLEEVIO will take care of the complete development as well as the back-end, design, and AWS setting.

Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-12 v 17.31.51

Crewmix is similar to Tinder but aimed for groups, because if you’re going out, chances are you won’t go alone but with a group of friends where you sometimes address the need to meet with other groups of people. i.e. you are 3 guys and look for a group of 3 girls, and for that is Crewmix. Just as Tinder you can swipe left/right and find groups that you like and if you find a match you can chat with each other. On CrewMix you create your own profile, upload photos and many other functions.


Crewmix was born while their co-founders Brian, Norman and Michael were eating tacos after a Stanford Men’s Basketball game: “Wanting to socialize we looked around, but found no available groups to engage in conversation with. This is all too common in Silicon Valley, so we then discussed what venue would be next and the light bulb just clicked.  Why in an age of such advancements in technology were we at the mercy of physically searching around bar-to-bar for fun people to mix with?  This was the birth moment of Crewmix

Crewmix is currently in Beta Version and will launch publicly very soon; the team envisions that in 12 months the application will be used nationwide and change the way people meet others. Creating thousands of new stories, relationships, friendships and great experiences.

This is an application we are very proud of and hope you will like it, please support and share this app with all your friends so you can start your Crew.



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