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New app: Evropa 2

We told you earlier that we created the mobile application YouRadio for the company Lagardere.  This app became very popular in Czech Republic and due to its success Lagardere again contacted us to initiate plans to develop a new version for their flagship entity – the largest radio in the Czech Republic - Evropa 2.

We set the bar very high with Youradio - so we had a real challenge to in front of us. We wanted to show that we could create an application beyond our clients expectations. The existing mobile application for Evropa 2 on iOS and Android are close to holding the top charts in their respective app stores. It is one of the most downloaded in the Czech Republic and is used by thousands of users every day.

Evropa 2 has one of the strongest brands and a very large and loyal community in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we have prepared for Lagardere a wider plan to develop a gradual transition from an application for listening to radio into an application with diverse social content, a broad archive of music and other features to take the application to the next level. For the initial phase of development you can find the following new features:

  • Complete redesign of the app;
  • Ability to see your songs history;
  • Newsfeed where you can see what’s currently happening in the studio;
  • Connection with YouRadio app, through which is possible to play songs from your history;
  • Like/dislike songs to improve the recommendation engine

For the next phase we are preparing a lot of new functions such as contests, events from Evrope 2, interaction with presenters, ranking best songs, archive the past 24 hours, and more.

How does the current version look like now?



We believe that we have met the high expectations of our client as well as the expectations of the hundreds of thousands of existing users.

Feel free to download it to your phone:


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