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New Spendee 2.0 it’s finally here!

We launched our app for personal financial control Spendee almost 2 years ago. We didn’t expect that the app will be so popular and after the first months Spendee was being used by over 100 000 people. Spendee was f​eatured by Apple ​as well as G​oogle ​and we received a lot of feedback and ideas on how to improve the app. Over 13 months ago we began to work on Spendee 2.0 where we had great challenges to move Spendee from a simple financial app to an advanced application for not only yours but also your family/friends finances and maintain the simplicity that our users really liked in the first version of Spendee.

We did it!


It took as very long but we think that we succeeded in maintaining the simplicity and at the same time we move Spendee forward once more and prepared many new functions:

● New design

Spendee finally got a new design according to the latest design trends. Android version is completely according to the material design. Uses the newest effects and technology introduced with Android 5.

● Synchronization

One of the most demanded features. Now you don’t have to worry about losing your data. Additionally the data will be in all your devices; just log in to your account.

● Multiple wallets

You can create wallets for multiple purposes (personal, work, travel); in each you can adjust the initial balance, determine a set of categories, the currency and people to whom it will be shared with.

● Share wallets with your friends and family members

Sharing wallets for each wallet you can invite as many friends as you want. Use Spendee as a tool for controlling the family income and expenses. Find out who spends the most and in what they are spending.

● Place of transaction

It is now possible to add information about the place of purchase, sale or receipt of income for each transaction. Find out how much you spend last month in your favorite restaurant or simply where you spend and earn the most.

And that’s not all, we continuously work on new functions and the expansion of Spendee, some of the functions are for example:

  • Budgets:​ option to set budgets to keep your costs under control.
  • New intelligent feed: ​which will advise you based on your data on how to better manage your finances.
  • Travel wallet: ​option to register your expenses in two currencies and have the possibility to easily see how much you spend abroad in your primary currency.
  • Integration with banks.
  • And other features on which we are working really hard.


Spendee is free now!

One of the last news that we want to announce, is that Spendee can be downloaded for free. Spendee started as a paid app and we decided to change this model, so from now on Spendee will be available on both iOS and Android to download for free with the option to buy a premium account with all functions. We’d like to thank all users that bought the first version of Spendee and we’d also like to assure that the new S​pendee includes all functions and that you won’t lose anything.​The reason we go for the premium model is that we want to have Spendee available for a larger number of users and at the same time the subscription is for us more interesting so we can continue to improve and evolve the application.

Thanks again to all our users and if you have any feedback or ideas please let us know.



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