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Ready for Apple Watch? We are!

The Apple Watch proved the predictions to be right, selling an estimated of 1 million units in the US during the first 24 hours. Currently is the most profitable Apple product and analysts have already predicted that the Apple Watch will sell from 8 to even 40 million during the first year. The difference is quite big but for a new product that is currently a hit it wouldn’t be surprise if it surpases those expectations just as with the launching day.

In Cleevio we were anticipating the launch for the Apple Watch for so long and as soon as it was out we started in working on new apps for it to keep up with the trend. Our most popular app Spendee has its Watch version as well as a highly expected app called “YesNo” (a hot startup with a simple messenger app that we’re about to launch).

About our first impressions:

The Apple Watch sport comes in a big box which reminds you of a big toner for the printer instead of a small watch box. After unpacking the pairing and installation of apps took quite long, around 10-15 minutes.

Subsequently, started a phase of frantic clicking, fumbling, swiping and scrolling, and after about 30 minutes you have a comprehensive idea of how it operates. Then you have to set on the phone which applications will appear on the AW with most general functions set directly over the phone.

IMG_1333 copy


Now let’s talk about some of the most important features on the Apple Watch:

  • Notifications

Even though the most basic function of a watch is telling time, no one is buying the Apple Watch for this reason even though it excels at it with customizable faces and. Truth is that for the Apple Watch the notifications are the main reason why someone would like to buy it. And this notification system works perfectly, the experience is seamless and very fast. One of the best parts of it is that even iPhone apps that don’t have an Apple Watch app can have their notifications forwarded through the Notification Center, by swiping down it shows all the last notifications which is great for an overview of what’s happening.

  • Activity

Measuring activity and heartbeat, a super function, measurement of heart rate takes about 10 seconds, and even though sometimes it does not measure it the first time is good. IT’s a pity that it doesn’t measure it continuously, it would definitely contain interesting data if that was the case. Activity is a super feature for runners and sports where you run a lot. But if you go to the gym it will not measure how many calories you burn. It would definitely be great if the basic version of the watch could also measure the distance that a person walks or run and the speed at which you go.

  • Glances

The glances is a great section where one can find all the most important data just by swiping up. It would actually be enough to have as sections: time, notifications and glances where you’ll have your top apps and through a tap on the notifications or glance will get to to the app itself

Processed with Moldiv

  • Grid with applications

Not so useful since it is quite difficult to properly hit the icon plus it’s slightly confusing. We realized that usually more apps are open through glances than through the the grid.

  • Navigation through the wheel.

One that you get very quickly used to. it moves really smooth and easy. In addition, it has an apple animation of approximation in the grid, the closest you get it opens the app in the center of the screen. Is fun to play with it sometimes since it has a super animation for displaying time.

  • Applications

They don’t act as a full-featured applications; there should be only what the user needs to see and do most often, and it is also a very simple activity. AW is the first to include the technology Force touch, through which applications display either the main menu or activity to add, create content. Force touch is completed by a very pleasant vibration that comes in the center of the watch and feels more “violently” than the vibrations to which we are used to in smartphones.


From our experience our biggest complaint is with how the apps on the Apple Watch are a bit slow. Although this might be true in some cases, the reality is that native apps are working fine, the problem starts with 3rd party apps where the OS doesn’t allow those apps to run smoothly due to the communication between the app and the watch. Hopefully this problem will be addressed on future updates and Apple will give developers the chance to show what they can really do.

Battery life. In average the battery in the AW last a day, which is not bad since anyways we remove it at night before sleeping and leave it in the great magnetic charger included with the watch. Still just as with the iPhone this is a typical complaint among Apple Watch users.

Our Apple Watch app:

The first of our Apple Watch app is Spendee, a popular app for control of personal and family finances. Apple Watch version will be very simple, the user will get a basic overview of their finances through a Glance. By tapping the glance or opening the app you can right away add an expense (which is the most used case in Spendee) and if you have more than one wallet you first select where you want to add the expense, write the amount through a small keyboard, choose category and then you get the option to add location with will show you a list of the closest places around you, once selected and you are finished with the transaction. In the glance we show a flow chart and expenses in a give day as well as balance.

mockup_spendeeAW copy


If you want to join the wagon of good apps for the Apple Watch, we can help you create a beautiful and responsive app for it, our developers will create something that will excel and work with no problems. For inquiries or a quote just send an email to

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