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Snippit: Choose Your Verse

Snippit is finally available in the iTunes App Store! It’s been a lot of hard work but the app is finally ready and we can’t wait for all of you to try it! Snippit enables you to “snip” a precise 4-10 second clip from any song in your music library, attach it to a photo or caption, and share it with friends. All backend and development is supported by our company which is part of Snippit Media.


Snippit is really about expressing yourself with music in a fun, unique way that gives users creative agency and control that wasn’t available before,” explains Joe Grano, Co-Founder & CEO of SNIPPIT MEDIA INC. “The idea originated when I traveled to New York and wanted to announce to friends that I was home. One of my favorite lyrics about New York popped into my head, and I thought it would be so cool to share that specific verse with others.

Ever wish you could match a song verse with a photo? With Snippit you can seamlessly snip the verse at the exact location in the song, attach it to the image, and let others experience your moment with a music clip that defines it.

Is there a piece of music that describes your mood or that you just can’t get out of your head? Choose Snippit to share a verse that expresses how you feel at that particular moment.

Here’s how Snippit works:

  • Upload a song from your phone’s music library.
  • Snip a 4-10 second clip of your choosing.
  • Post the song clip on its own or attach to a photo; write a caption; tag friends; check-in at a location.
  • Share the post with friends and followers, and on facebook and twitter.
  • Link to the iTunes Store through the app to download full-length songs, with direct links to songs from which posts originated.
  • Discover music – search posts by genres, trends, and hashtags.

Snippit provides a creative, interactive experience around music and moments. The app’s “Capture” tool invites users to seamlessly pinpoint the exact song section they want to snip. This allows you to create personal soundscapes that aren’t restricted by pre-set song previews.

People often post pictures on social networks with a song verse written as the caption. Snippit finally allows you to attach that exact verse to a timeless moment, bringing a completely new element to both self-expression and music discovery,” elaborates Sam Jurist, Co-Founder & President of Snippit Media, Inc.

Fusing song verses with pictures can be funny, nostalgic, clever – all things that are tough to tap into with any app. We can’t wait for people to have fun with it and discover both new song releases and music of all generations,” says Joe Grano, Snippit CEO.

We hope that you will like the application. We worked intensively on it for several months and in case you have any idea for improving please write an email to, we’ll be also glad if you share the app and tell your friends about it!




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