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Snippit hit 100 000 users and comes with update 1.2

3 months ago started the hard part of Snippit with the beginning of marketing and official launch. After 3 months here’s a bigger update about what actually happened with Snippit and what’s the current situation.

Snímek obrazovky 2014-05-07 v 15.58.10


How’s Snippit growing?

For the last 3 months we’ve got 100 000 users and Snippit received very positive responses in the media such us:

Snímek obrazovky 2014-05-09 v 11.02.02

Thanks to the many new users we got a lot of feedback which we worked on to bring update 1.2 which contains a new line of improvements:

  • You now have the option to choose or take a photo FIRST before selecting a song
  • We’ve redesigned the snip creation process – it’s now easier than ever to create a snip, with the ability to view your photo while choosing your verse
  • Snips can now be shared on Instagram!
  • Users now have the ability to be private
  • We’ve finally added the ability to change your username
  • Now featuring verified accounts
  • Various other design and functionality improvements


But that’s not all. We continue working hard for version 1.3 which will have new improvements; also next week we start the next batch of marketing. We hope that you will like Snippit.

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