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Spendee summary: the last six months!

Given that we had lately a lot of news regarding Spendee we decided to make a summary of the most interesting things that happened in the last 6 months.

  • On July 15th, 2013 we launched Spendee for iOS. Immediately after launching the landing (around one month before the iOS version) we got many users that registered in our newsletter (around 20 000 people) and after the launch of the iOS version we got many reviews and articles about Spendee. Apple tweeted about us and Spendee went up very fast among the top financial apps. Find more about the launching here


Thanks to all the feedback and great response on Spendee we started to work on an update right away were we focused on feedback from users.

  • In October 2013 we launched first update on iOS version 1.2 The app continued to grow and thanks to for example coverage on a Canadian Talk Show: The Marilyn Denis Show, Spendee became the top financial app in Canada. Therefore we decided to create Spendee for Android. More about the update here


  • In November 20th, 2013 we launched Spendee for Android. It contains the same functionality like the updated version 1.2 for iOS. Spendee on Android immediately grow after the launch. More about Spendee for Android
  • In January 2014 Spendee was featured in Apple store section “New Year, New You! Begin 2014 with your finances in control!”


  • January 13th,2014 Spendee grew on Android and Google added Spendee as featured app. Spendee got 100 000 active users on Android.


  • January 29th,2014 Spendee is a top paid finance app in US Apple store! (also in Australia, Czech Republic and New Zealand)


How’s currently Spendee?

Has more than 750 000 downloads, more than 7000 reviews and users from all the world. See below graph, Daily we get on support a lot of feedback, comments and advice for improving.

spendee users

What’s next? Spendee 2.0!

Give the success on Spendee we are working on Spendee 2.0 which we hope that again will be on the next level. It will be a very big update that will bring a set of new features and Spendee PRO account with improvements in order to get Spendee in terms of functions as the best app for having your finances in control! We will continue to inform you how we are doing at it and thank you once again for everything because without you this wouldn’t be possible; we’ll be glad if you continue to share our app and write us reviews.

Lukas & Jan & Mirek & Miguel
Spendee team


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