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Spendee video

In the last blog post we wrote a bit about the background on Spendee. One thing that we think really helped Spendee was the video and definitely one of the things we recommend you to do if you create a mobile app.

The video can be used as clarification of your app much better than just screens from it. It is also more interactive, fun and fast for the user. And last but not least, it helps you with PR and articles about the app because redactors want to publish something nice and understandable; just imagine how many requests for reviews get blogs and tech magazines, therefore if you send a nice video where the whole app is explained it will differentiate you from many other apps. In addition, the video in the article looks nice and is a win-win situation for you and the blog/website that shared the video.

We recommend to upload the video to where you can upload it in HD and works better than

Here you can watch the video for Spendee:

Here are some pictures from the 12 hour making-Spendee video:




Thanks to the video we got many reviews which we wrote about on our last article, and which we recommend. Maybe is also due to the video that we got into i.e. a Canadian Talkshow: The Marilyn Denis Show and with it, Spendee became the top financial app in Canada.


If you want to create a video for your mobile app don’t doubt to contact us to

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