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In the first blog spot where we presented ourselves we already mentioned that one of the main things we do are mobile apps for startups, which is something we want to have as a priority.


We believe in mobile apps and want to build long term partnerships, and working with startups doesn’t involve only the development of the app but also tweaking it, incorporating comments from users, long term development and synergy.
We enjoy startups: working with founders that believe in their idea and are excited about it and won’t stop until fulfil it a 100%. This recharge us with energy, which we try to apply to such apps. Possibility to work with new technology and new things.

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What can we offer?

  • Flow, Wireframes, ideas: we can help with the creation of the whole app, drawing flow and detailed wireframes on how to set the whole app in order to be user-friendly and intuitive. Come up with effects and animations so the app will look the best and will bring happiness to the users.
  • Design for the whole app: we work with the best designers in the Czech market and thanks to that we can offer top design.
  • Development: we have in-house developers for iOS, Android, WP and back-end (server side). We have many apps ready for big brands, startups and our own apps.
  • Help with marketing: since we make our own projects such as Spendee or Taasky, beside development we have marketing outreach to promote the startup apps in our own apps, create promo video, and use our contacts with bloggers, writers and tech website to market and reach more people

What references we have?

Currently we are about to finish our first deal for a very interesting startup in NY for whom we made wireframes, design, development, back-end and support. This app will be launched in November 2013 and we think it will be awesome. Besides that, we work with other two startups and prepare for them mobile apps which we will publish later on here on this blog.

Among our references we have an app for Socialbakers and big clients such as Luxottica, Coca-Cola, Nokia and many others. You can find more in our website, you can as well check our own apps Spendee or Taasky



What are the option for working together?

There are many options for working with us, and everytime depends on individual agreement. Important factors are that we understand your needs and situation and we will try to adapt to you. Here are a few options for this work together:

  • Classic fee for our work (we separate the project on stages and invoice according to delivery of our work)
  • Costs + share /share option: if we like your idea we can proceed in a way that you will pay us only the costs and we get a share or share option after fulfilling milestones.
  • Share /revenue share: we can proceed with the project where we pay the complete development and get share and possible revenue share of the app.
  • Combination of different models together.

Why choose us instead of others for example in US?

Unlike our competition we always focus on the product and its success. Which means that we won’t charge for something until we know that it will really improve the product. We tweak all the time until everything is completely perfect and both sides are glad with it, we have a product approach. What we do we want it to be the best, all the team tries to get the best results. Due to the fact that we’ve made many apps we know how to design correctly, we have experience, ideas and a lot of ready-technology which we can use and speed the whole development process. Another benefit are the prices compared with US where in Czech Republic is way lower; it pays off economically where instead of one developer in Silicon Valley for 12 months for the same money you can have a team of 2-3 people here for the whole year. There are many other benefits and we believe that if you choose us you won’t regret it.

In which projects are we interested?

  • Mobile apps iOS/Android
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Useful apps and tools
  • Apps that have freemium model for monetization.

So if you have an interesting mobile startup or an idea write us to and we can set a call, talk and get to it.

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