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Taasky: Beautiful, simple and easy to use task manager

Taasky is live! Very unexpectedly we’ve launched our app Taasky which should have been released until next week in Tuesday. The reason why we launched it is that Apple call us, they liked the app a lot that recommended us to launch it asap. Thanks to that Taasky is in the US app store in the section best new apps and in the category productivity as number 5 top paid iPhone apps. Taasky’s a completely new iPhone app for managing your tasks simply and intuitively. It has never been easier!

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Behind Taasky there are two companies; CLEEVIO that developed the app and Scrape app designed the whole app and both companies are bringing users an immersive experience in managing their tasks.

Taasky is packed with completely new features providing great experience in keeping your tasks under control. Visually appealing and unique design full of effects gives you better focus on the priority tasks. Moreover, coloured and editable lists help you to truly understand what’s the most important task you have.

Using the app is really simple and entertaining thanks to new swipes and animations. “Using Taasky everyday is really an amazing experience. We have been able to develop something special and unique. Users can prioritize their tasks in the most intuitive way. It’s not only helpful but also entertaining. I totally fell in love with Taasky,” said Lukas Stibor, CEO at CLEEVIO.

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