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Taasky update 1.3 is live! Mac app is gonna be out soon!

The new Taasky update 1.3 is out and ready for you to use! We believe you’ll like it and that it’ll make managing of your daily tasks even easier. You can download it here.

Main news are:

  • iCloud synchronization: Taasky finally allows you to have your data synchronized with iCloud

  • Enhanced tasks sorting either by date or by custom

  • You can now easily mark more of your tasks as favorite or if you prefer to have no favorite tasks at all, this is now also possible

  • Bug fixes

In case you have any ideas how to make Taasky even better, feel free to get in touch with us anytime by sending an email to If you enjoy using our elegant To-Do app, we would appreciate if you post a tweet about it or recommend Taasky to your friends.

Taasky mac app is coming soon:

Mac application is at the moment in the last stage of testing and will be shortly available in the App store. You’ll soon be able to do the time consuming inserting of all of your task on your Mac and later browse and edit them on your cell phone throughout the day. We are developing this Mac app to make Taasky user experience better and even more effective. We strongly believe, that you’ll love it.

Thank you for your support as the feedback is the main driving force to keep us enhancing our apps continually. Stay tuned!



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